Share and get Gala Coins, daily.

By sharing Gala games with your friends you will get 100 Gala coins for everyone who plays Town Star. They will also get 100 Gala Coins. No cost to anyone. Simple, free and fun.

But even better, as they invite THEIR friends, your network will grow and if any or your friends or their friends buys a node, you will receive more Gala Coins, EVERY DAY!

Here's a quick example of how it works:

You share Gala Games with 20 friends. They play Town Star and you receive 20 x 100 Gala coins = 2,000 Gala Coins.


If your 20 friends also share Gala Games with 20 of their friends, that's an extra 400 people tracked to your Gala games account. If just 2% decide to buy a node, that's 8 nodes operating in your social network.

You earn 10% of the coins received by those node operators, daily. At the moment, a node operator receives around 800 coins per day. So 8 nodes would generate around 6,400 coins per day, FOR YOU! In just 6 months that would be over 1million Gala coins given to you.

No cost. No Expense. Zero risk. Free.

Don't delay, share your URL now before someone else invites your friends!

Share this URL and invite people to play games for free:

Replace _1HkQZE6H with your OWN Gala Games ID (here's where to find your ID)