Make the most of the next digital gold rush

4 simple ways to cash in right at the start of the global explosion of NFT's

Make Money Method 1: Play games for FREE!!!

Plus, receive 100 coins for everyone you refer... (optional)

I've made this really easy for you, just share this URL:

Replace _1HkQZE6H with your own Gala ID (click here to see how to find your ID)

4 ways to make money with Gala Games & NFT's

Method 1: Join Gala Games and play games for free and you'll receive 100 GALA coins. Plus, you have the option to refer your friends (see instructions above) where both of you will each receive another 100 GALA coins. How much is a GALA Coin currently worth? Check the price on Now, imagine if GALA Coin were to become worth $1 in the future? That's $100 just for signing up and playing a free game. Nothing to lose!

Method 2: Buy and Sell Digital Assets (NFT's)

There is a fast growing market for digital assets, including those purchased in Gala Games. The methodology is simple enough, although I haven't tried to sell any digital assets myself yet.

Watch the video for a high level overview.

To accumulate assets without spending any money at all, just play Gala games and invite others to do the same, this will very quickly help you accumulate a few hundred GALA coins. Alternatively, if you are already into crypto currencies and want to speed up the process, you can deposit Ethereum (ETH) or BAT currency into your Gala games account.

Once you have money funds in your account, you can purchase game assets within the game stores. Unlike other traditional games, any assets you purchase are yours to keep for as long as you wish (hold for increase in value?). You can list them for sale on external NFT trading exchanges, such as

Imagine owning a virtual chicken that lays eggs every day - what could  that be worth over time? Or owning a whole farm, or owning landing and renting it out to 100 farmers etc. The mind boggles.

Method 3: Buy Gala Coins on the public exchanges and hold for increase in value

If you see the potential for Gala Games and think they will attract millions of players then it's reasonable to think that the value of Gala Coins themselves will increase in value. If that's the case, then it might be worth simply buying GALA Coins on the open mark and holding on to sell later at a higher value. The two most popular exchanges where you can acquire Gala Coins are uniSwap (click here) and Bitrue (click here)


Method 4: Buy a Founder NODE and get rewarded with Gala Coins every day

The Gala Network is supported by users, just like you, who operate Gala Nodes from their home computers. By buying a license to operate a Gala Node, you open up opportunities to receive rewards for your contribution to the network. This can include GALA coins, limited edition NFTs, and opportunities to help the Gala Games ecosystem grow.

What is a NODE and is it worth buying?

Operating a NODE on your home computer is potentially incredibly rewarding. (Again, this is NOT financial advice!). A NODE helps keep the game assets verified on the blockchain and helps to keep the Gala Games network secure. As a node operator, you will receive points in “Daily Distribution,” which are digital assets and GALA coins which have been added to your treasure chest and are awaiting minting.

Essentially, operating a NODE (running a simple piece of software on your home computer) means you are allowing Gale Games network to use some of the spare power of your home computer to help run the game network.

Once you have purchase a NODE, all you need to do is download and run a small program. Run the software in the background for just 6 hours a day and this will qualify you for a share of the daily distribution of Gala Coins.

How much will a node earn me?

There are only ever going to be 50,000 founder nodes available and as of 27th March, 25,466 have been sold. Nodes are currently selling for $8,350 USD (c. £6,000 GBP). The price of a node increases by $100 every time 100 nodes are sold, meaning the final node will sell for $33,000. After all the nodes are sold, the nodes themselves will be able to be converted to an NFT and could have considerable onward value.

My earnings, first 5 days...

Can't afford a node?  No problem!

As you can see, there is tremendous value in owning and operating a node, but perhaps it's a bit out of your price range? Well, the good folks at Gala Games still want to reward you for bring them game players and node holders. If you refer someone who buys a node, you will earn 1/10th of however many Gala coins THEY earn (daily) even if you are not a NODE holder yourself.

Hence yesterday I received 954 Gala Coins for my node and if you had referred me (even if you're not a node owner yourself remember) you would have received 95 Gala Coins. Gala Coins are distributed daily to node holders so refer someone to play games for free and if they also spot the potential of becoming a NODE holder, you could end up owning a LOT of gala coins over the next few years.

Don't look at today's value, think about what they could be worth in the future. A few years back 100 bitcoin was only worth $3. What is 1 bitcoin worth today? Have a look here

How to purchase a node

What is Gala Games all about?

Gala Games was founded with one goal in mind: to give power back to the gamers. Gala Games mission is to enable freedom through play. This is on one of the most ambitious development projects to date - the creation of the Gala Games Ecosystem.

Founded by Eric Schiermeyer (the co-founder of Zynga and gaming legend), Wright Thurston (one of the first major miners in the cryptocurrency space and holder of multiple patents on blockchain technology), and Michael McCarthy (the Creative Director behind viral gaming hits such as Farmville 2), Gala Games is here to fundamentally redefine both the gaming and blockchain spaces. 

The first game released by Gala Games, Town Star, is a deceptively simple looking but incredibly deep farming simulation in which user builds a farm to compete in weekly competitions. At various places, NFTs can be used in the game to provide bonuses but are not required to play, have fun, or compete. Mirandus, the MMORPG/Adventure Simulator currently under development by Gala Games is working to completely redefine both the game development pipeline, as well as the gameplay model by putting the power in the hands of the players and giving them ultimate control over the in-game economy.

A quick review of the first Gala Games game, Town Star.

Town Star is the first playable game from Gala Games. Here's a quick overview video showing some of the features.

Just imagine owning a real digital farm that produces digital assets that have real world value? Starting to see the bigger picture?

Games in the pipeline - Mirandus

To play the game, you won't need a deed or a shop at will be able to start in the game and make your place in the world as an adventurer, crafter, or whatever you want.

Just like going to a town in the real world... you don't usually walk around and say "gosh, this town isn't good because other people own this stuff." You just buy lunch and go about your business.

Well managed towns and citadels will attract good shops, good crafters, and lots of traffic... a busy farming hamlet might have a thriving little economy all by itself.

In this video, Game Master Michael McCarthy describes how deeds and buildings will work inside the world of Mirandus, currently under development. This is why two parcels of land have already sold for an eye watering $3.3million each. Are you starting to catch the potential? Get in early!

No information on this website is financial advice. This website is for information purposes only. Please do you own research and make your own decisions.